Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Field Trip Day 2

Day 2

Today, I went on a company visit to UP Diliman in Quezon City. Before we went in UP, we had a breakfast in Grills and Sizzles, Examiner, Quezon City. We arrived in UP around 8:00 o'clock in the morning. The UP faculties welcomed us and we registered before the symposium starts. We had our seminar, UP-USEP (Information Technology Symposium), held at NISMED Auditorium, UP Diliman. Before they present their speakers, they taught us the Y4IT moves. All of us really enjoyed the Y4IT moves.
Professor Lemuel Brana welcomed us. He is the former president of the oldest and largest IT association in the Philippines-the Philippine Computer Society Foundation, also a member of the People Management Association of the Philippines as Information Technology advocate in the HR industry. This guy is so amazing and intelligent man. He taught us how to be an IT Professional and his life being one of the head of their department. The second speaker was Ms. Rose Ann Sale, she's an MS Computer Science student in UP Diliman and a former member of the Web Science Research Group at the Department of Computer Science researching on educational games for kinesthetic learners and developing a spelling application called KineSpell2. We enjoyed watching her video clips in KineSpell2. The third speaker was Mr. John Boaz Lee. He is a graduate student at the Department of Computer Science UP Diliman, also an instructor at the UP Training Center. It seems that my classmates had a crush on him. Just kidding. He's young to become one of the instructor of IT Training Center. And the 4th speaker was Ms. Michelle Moscatel. She pursue her masteral degree in computer science in UP Diliman. She graduated in UP Mindanao. She is also a full-time instructor in UP Diliman, teaching engineering students in programming and computers. Then, the next topic was about Animation. Ms. Len de Garcia was the speaker. I will never forget her as what she told us that to become a lay-out artist no need to have a high grade. All of us were laughing that time. :) She really encourage us what talents what we have. She's really cool person and very talented
Two speakers to go and all of us were very sleepy that time and very hungry. Wew.
The next speaker was Professor Carlos Bott. He is a software engineer with a MBA, a Msc in Information Systems. And a Msc in Aeronautical Science. Also, he is a Game Development Training Consultant at the UP ITTC. The last speaker is Dr. Ferdinand Pitagan. A Monbusho scholar from 2005 to 2010.He is an assistant professor at the College of Education – University of the Philippines, teaching educational technology courses. At last, lunch time. :) After lunch, we went to UP-AYALA Technohub. We visited IBM Innovation Center and SeaChange.
After visiting the two companies. We proceed to Department of Computer Science (UP Alumni Engineers Centennial Hall). We visited the 6 DCS Laboratories.
After visiting UP Diliman, we went to Tramway Restaurant, Timog Avenue in Quezon City. All of us were very hungry. We had a great dinner in the restaurant even their food is not that delicious. :) Then, after dinner, we went to Trinoma for a while. Some of us did not go out of the bus because they feel tired. They want to go to the hotel. After an hour all of us came back to hotel and have some rest. To have some sleep and get ready for the 3rd day.
What I learned?
We had a lots of learning in IBM. We went to their data center. The speaker taught us about the services and it includes the assistance in a variety of areas and in a complex, multiplatform environment, including Linux -- from design and planning, procurement, installation, integration and migration assistance to systems management, telephone consulting and on-site hardware and software maintenance. The six laboratories are the following: Algorithm and Complexity Lab, Computer Vision and Machine Intelligence Lab, Scientific Computing Lab, Computer Security Lab, Networking and Distributed Systems Lab and Web Science Lab. I am so amazed when I saw the work of one of the students of CS students. He made a program that can count the blink of his eyes. That program is not an easy task. After he presented his work, I was inspired of his work. I don't know if I can do like that. For me, it really takes time to make that kind of program. He also said that program is easy. Woooo. :) After seeing his program all of us were very proud of them. And we are inspired because of their work.

What I liked ?
This day was our second day and it seems that we stayed for a long long time here in Manila because we had a very long day. We had many activities this day. It's an honor to go in UP Diliman. I really enjoyed. We really enjoyed. I liked the school. UP Diliman is a big school ever that I've seen.

What I didn’t like?
Hmmm... What I didn’t like? Let me think?... I love UP Diliman.

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  1. Thanks for visiting UP Diliman. We're glad you found your trip enjoyable and fruitful.

    Jimmy Caro